Divecentre activities and procedures

Deep Blue welcomes divers and non-divers 7 days of the week, every week of the year including Christmas and New Year.   

Our opening hours are from 9am through to 5pm, although this time is extended during the high seasons. 

On arrival at our divecentre we ask that you please present the following documents:

  1. AufzählungszeichenDiving Certification (minimum level: PADI Open Water
         Diver, CMAS One Star or BSAC Ocean Diver)

  2. AufzählungszeichenLog Book

  3. AufzählungszeichenMedical Certificate signed by a doctor (within the last two     
         years), stating that you are fit to dive

Please note that as a professional divecentre we are unable to cater for divers without the above legally required documents.

Tanks and weights are provided free of charge whilst any additional equipment forgotten or required can be easily rented from us. Personal items can be stored in one of our lockers and your dive gear will be safely secured in our equipmentroom, wetsuits and BCDs locked up in our private equipment area overnight.

A minimum of two to a maximum of eight boat trips run per day, meeting in the divecentre for the first morning dive at 9am and at 1.30pm for the afternoon dive. Additional boat trips can also be arranged to meet extra demand at 10am and 2.30pm, as required. 

We depart the divecentre approximately thirty minutes after the meeting time, fully kitted up with buddy checks complete and a divebriefing from your guide.

After a short stroll down the pier we settle on to one of our three RIBs before making our  short scenic drive. On arrival to the site we are prepared to enter the water directly with a James-Bond- Style back roll and our underwater adventure begins.

Meeting times for the Orientation Dives are 11.30am or 4.30pm and the Discover Scuba Diving course for non-divers is held at 10am and also at 3pm in the high season. 

Please note that we use the buddy system for all our dives and we ask that you follow this procedure as a matter of your own and others safety.


Nightdives are among the most impressive adventures under  water. Nightactive hunters, who are rarely found during daytime, are now active and the intensity of colours is much more powerful and more impressive.

Usually we offer nightdives according interest and request of our divers.

Torches can be rented out with us, more information under the rubric prices.


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Dives: 9.00h + 13.30h

Discover Scuba: 10.00h + 15.00h

Orientationdive: 11.30h+ 16.30h

Nightdives: according request

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