Deep Blue Dive Centre has been established 1982, and has been under our management since August 1999. 

The owners are Roland Mårtensson from Sweden and Volker Berbig from Germany.

Our base is situated in the middle of the east coast of Fuerte-ventura, in the harbour of Caleta de Fuste, which is about 12km south of the capital Puerto del Rosario.

Deep Blue boasts a prime location on the water's edge, allowing easy access to our RIBs which speedily deliver us to any of our numerous exclusive divesites. There is no need for tiresome shorediving and long hikes down the beach. You cannot miss us in the harbour when you discover El Castillo for the first time.

With safety in mind, Deep Blue, together with five other dive schools on the island, owns the recompression chamber. These six dive centres fulfil all regulations and safety requirements of the spanish law, in order to offer maximum security to our guests. Our boats are registered in list no.6a. This means, that the boats as well as the crew and the equipment have to pass a yearly inspection, which goes conform with law and suits the safety of our guests. Each boat is equipped with mobilephone, GPS, safety vests, first-aid-case, signal rockets and oxygene supply. During the dive is always a crew member on board, to be able to help in case of emergency. 

The technical repair- and maintainanceworks on our equip-ment, the boats, compressors, guest- and rental equipments is done by our qualified personal only with original spare parts. Efficient and regularly serviced compressors with filters changed punctually, grant always clean and dry air for our divers.

As we attach great interest to well-kept and working equip- ment, our equipment is regularly exchanged and renewed - that means that we also always have second-hand special offers for interested divers.

The admitted divecentres of the island provide their own recompression chamber, which is always ready for use, technically as well as personally.

The base is service orientated and family friendly. Due to the ideal location no excursion takes more than 1,5 hours, allowing plenty of time for the family and other holiday activities.

The setup of the divecenter as well as the boats is not only equipped for safe diving, but also offers, besides modern equipment, a lot of space. Apart from the pure divesector, we also offer an "after-dive-sector", which is equipped with a big coffeemachine, cool softdrinks and draft beer.

At this moment Deep Blue consits in two diveschools, one base is located at the Hotel Barceló Club El Castillo near the yachting harbour of Caleta, the other center is in Las Playitas, in the brandnew Hotel Grand Bahia & Cala del Sol.

We offer PADI, CMAS and IAHD (International Association of Handicapped Divers) courses.

With years of experience in the Atlantic Ocean and innumerable guests we are the most popular dive centre in Fuerteventura.

We would be glad to arrange your next dive holidays.

A very warm welcome at Deep Blue Fuerteventura.

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The owners:

              Volker  -  Roland


4 x Bombard Explorer 7,50m
      powered by
      Suzuki 200PS 4-Cylinder









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