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Testimonials We always receive really positive reviews from our student divers, be it on review sites like TripAdvisor (there we are listed as No. 1 diving... Read More...
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Lukas Rodewig
The latest addition to the Deep Blue family is Lukas Rodewig. Volker's son has enriched our team as an SSI instructor since 2022 and is the calming influence for excited newcomers.

André Mårtensson
Already known and loved by many regular guests as Roland Mårtensson's son, SSI instructor André Mårtensson has been strengthening our team for a few years now.

Fabian Rost
There's strength in calm - that's the motto of OWSI-PADI Instructor Fabian Rost. The trained car mechanic from Germany has been part of the Deep Blue Diving crew since 2009. He works as a manager at the base in Las Playitas and underwater he performs as SSI Instructor and PADI-OWSI Instructor.

Roland Mårtensson
The sea and its inhabitants are Roland Mårtensson's passion. Together with Volker Berbig, the former technician has been running the dive centre on Fuerteventura since 1999. Roland is SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer, PADI IDC Staff Instructor and CMAS/VDST TL 3.

Volker Berbig
You can only guess how often Volker Berbig has put on his diving suit and shouldered his compressed air cylinder. If you add up all his dives, it must be several years of his life that he has spent under water. Same as Roland he is SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer, PADI IDC Staff Instructor and CMAS/VDST TL 3.

Deep Blue Diving S.L.
CIF-No.: B-35510577
Muelle Deportivo / Calle Teneriffe
E - 35610 Caleta de Fuste - Fuerteventura
+34.928 163 712 / +34.606 275 468
+34.928 163 983

Deep Blue at Las Playitas Resort
Hotel Gran Resort Las Playitas
+34.653 512 638

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CEO: Volker Berbig, Roland Mårtensson

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