Dive Courses

Theory and practice at
the highest level.

Safety first!

Safety is the single most important aspect of diving. For this reason we require you to bring the following documentation with you in order to be able to dive with us:

  • Diving licence (minimum of Scuba Diver or bronze)
  • Logbook
  • Valid doctor´s certificate stating you are fit to dive

Please note: A basic dive qualification does not certify you to dive alone and is not internationally recognised.

For all dives we use the buddy-system, nobody dives alone! Please use this system to ensure your safety and that of your buddy.

Under 18’s need permission of their parents or guardian to participate in dive courses.

DEEP BLUE offers dive instruction under the statutes of the big dive organizations. You can choose between SSI, PADI and CMAS/VDST. We frequently offer alternative workshops such as Apnea diving and other new courses, so it’s worthwhile checking out our homepage every so often to see what’s happening.

We are multilingual
Our international team teaches in German, English, Spanish, French, Danish and Swedish. We have educational material is available for you in almost every language. Please check out our SSI eLearning offer!

Theory and Practice at the highest level
It doesn’t matter which learning method you choose, the diving lessons always start with some theory chapters, which are consolidated with practical sessions in the pool. After only a short time, you will be out in the open sea, where you can put the skills you have learnt into practice.
Our highly qualified dive instructors, will then competently continue with your instruction, so that even for experienced divers our speciality courses will prove to be hugely educational and fun. The dives for the speciality courses are incorporated into our regular dive schedule and take place at the same time as our daily dives.
Just as in everyday life, in diving you never finish learning. There is always something new (e.g dive techniques) to discover.

The way to becoming a professional dive instructor
If your dream is to work as a dive instructor and have the underwater world as your „office“ then ask us about training at the DEEP BLUE DIVE ACADEMY.



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