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Every dive is different,
every dive is a little adventure.

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You are a certified diver and want to discover the fascinating underwater world of Caleta de Fuste? Then you have found the right place. We need your diving licence and - according to Spanish law - a declaration about your state of health signed by you personally. A doctor's certificate of your fitness to dive is no longer necessary. Depending on your experience and qualification level, we have a variety of dive sites on offer.

According to Spanish law, every diver must now have valid diving insurance. If you don't have diving insurance, you can take out one with us at a reasonable price, for a period of one day, one week, one month or one year.

Opening times and dive times
DEEP BLUE DIVING is open year round, every day of the week from 9.00 until 15.00.

Up to 4 dive trips daily
At our main dive base in Caleta de Fuste we offer a minimum of two dive trips a day, depending on demand this can be up to a maximum of four. If there are a large amount of enthusiastic divers we offer an additional dive in the morning at 10:15. Our Discover Scuba experiences for non-divers starts in the morning at 10:00. Orientation dives also takes place in the morning at 10:00.

The published times for courses are the meeting time at the dive centre, this gives you time to get ready. We get completely geared up in the dive centre, including weights and tanks, departure time for the dive is approx. 30 mins after the meeting time.

  • Opening Times: daily from 09:00-15:00
  • Dives: daily at 09:00 and 12:00
  • Discover Scuba: daily at 10:00
  • Orientation Dives: daily at 10:00
  • Night Dives and other dives on request
The dive trips are designed to be family friendly, being a maximum of 1.5 hours in length. This means if you are on holiday with non-diving family members you can still maximise family holiday time!

We also go diving even if only one diver has signed up for the dive!
Our group size is always dependent on the experience of the divers, we can take a maximum of ten divers on board the boat. Normally groups sizes range from four to eight divers. When dive clubs visit us with larger groups, we go out with two boats, but we also go with single divers!

Have fun Together
Dives and diving courses; they should all be fun! Enjoyment and common experience are at the forefront. All our dives and courses take place in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. Look forward to meeting our top dive instructors who will make sure that remember all your dives as interesting, fun and colourful experiences.


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Deep Blue at Las Playitas Resort
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