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Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste

The yacht harbour, which is also the location of our dive centre, has a flair that is all its own. Transatlantic sailing boats and other yachts, regularly make port here.

It is worthwhile going for stroll along the Mole or having a drink on a sun terrace at one of the restaurants or bars.

Las Playitas

The hotel and dive base are designed for sports minded people. Las Playitas Resort is known in the sporting world as a training destination for professional sportsmen and women from disciplines such as triathlon, cycling and swimming along with many others.

Our facilities are perfectly equipped for our sport and within a relaxed and guest friendly environment you will find a well organised dive centre.

Basis Las Playitas


...is not in the Mediterranean, it’s in the Atlantic off the Moroccan coast at a latitude of 28.

Sun, sand and sea – of all of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura has the most of this to offer – Fuerteventura is the island that is surrounded by white sand and turquoise coloured sea.

Night Dives

Night dives make some of the most memorable underwater experiences. Night time hunters that are hard to spot during the day, hidden amongst the rocks and reeds, are on the prowl. The intensity of the colours is stronger and makes much more of an impact.

Our night dives operate on request, depending on diver interest.


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Deep Blue at Las Playitas Resort
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